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Oct 3rd


Doo Wop Rally 2017

Due to a number of factors, I only raced once this year.  Hard to be great at your job if you only do it once a year.  While I felt I did ok and never lost my place, my timing was a bit off and that is frustrating when you are trying to do your best.

Malcolm and I actually did pretty good for the couple of stages we ran.  We definitely had something not quite right and the car was kind of acting like a rear wheel car instead of AWD.  On the third stage our luck ran out as I heard a pop and then bang, bang, bang as our right rear tire blew and shredded.  We tried to keep going since the finish wasn't too far away but Malcolm didn't want to hold up anyone and pulled over.  I had to stand in the road and show the OK sign so oncoming drivers knew they didn't have to stop.  This left Malcolm to change the tire on his own and it was very taxing for him.

We got going again and made it to the finish but we had an extremely long stage time.  At service I was busy figuring out how we could get reseeded but it turns out Malcolm was suffering from heat exhaustion and I decided to error on the side of caution and turned in our time card.  It just isn't worth someone's health to try to keep going.

So we ended up with a DNF but we are both fine with that.  We made plans to race twice next year and hopefully that happens.

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