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May 21st


Olympus Rally 2016

This race just wasn't meant to be for the team.  It was discovered during the entry process that Malcolm's insurance company has been insuring the wrong Eagle Talon.  Malcolm had another Talon that he sold off years ago and in process, they mixed up which one was kept and which one was sold.  So we have been racing and driving around with no insurance!  After that mix-up was cleared up, we started recce on Friday 13th at 6:00am.  Malcolm decided that we would use the rally car and that turned out to be a learning lesson...don't use a rally car for recce.  Because of the lack of air conditioning and stiff suspension, it really made the task a bit harder than it needed to be.  While the organizers said that we would have the time to go over the roads twice, we were far from being able to doing that.

The next day we made our way to Park Expose in downtown Shelton.  It was really neat to see all the fans.  I saw one little boy with his mom and asked if he would like to sit in a rally car.  After he got into the seat, I belted him in and saw the biggest smile on his face. That was one of the coolest moments of my weekend.

The first stage we set out on was a bit rough as far as how we did.  We picked up the pace but it was evident that time in the car is key.  The second time on the stages was going better and we bettered our time by 21 seconds on the first stage, 8 seconds on the second and that is when things went south.  As we were waiting for our time card to be given back, steam started coming out of the engine.  We pulled away and shortly after pulled to the side of the road and took stock of the situation.  After it cooled down, we did make it back to service to try to figure out what all went wrong.  We changed out the thermostat and also wired up the non-functioning main fan to the same switch as the auxiliary fan.  After a nice night with friends, we turned in for the night.

My night didn’t go well and I was up at 2:30am not feeling well.  At 6:30am I decided that it just wasn’t in the cards for me to be in the car and so discussed it with Malcolm.  He decided to see if anyone could ride with him and Robert Gobright stepped up and I was heading home to recover.

Turns out the second day of racing wasn’t very productive but it did give Malcolm more seat time.

Our next race isn’t until September on these same roads in the Wild West Rally. Hopefully we have better luck.

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