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Oct 10th


Back to Denver

During one of the wettest winters in Seattle history, I decided to take my boss up on his offer to move me to Denver.  I couldn’t take any more of the day after day of gray and drizzle.  Over the next few months we negotiated a move package and I proceeded to prepare my house for sale. 

There were a few things I had to fix, lots of stuff to donate, pawn off on friends and family, and when all else fails, take to the dump.  When you are under a deadline, time seems to fly and I was scrambling to get things done before the house was listed.  My house was listed on a Thursday and by Sunday I had two offers for a little more than asking.  After an inspection, I ended up having to take care of a few things but I’m happy with the results of the sale.

Since my nephew had the same offer as I did, we coordinated our move and boy am I thankful we did.  Turns out I had more junk than I thought I had.  He ordered a small POD and I ordered the large.  I quickly filled mine up, filled up his leftover space, the back of my truck, and my car and still had stuff left over.  I made a few phone calls and a couple of my friends came to my rescue and kept the stuff at their house. 

I needed some help getting both my vehicles to Denver so I paid to have my other nephew fly up, help me pack and then drive my truck.  It was a win-win situation as he could see his parents and brother, and also help me with my move since I helped him get to Tucson when he went into the Air Force.

We made our way to Denver without much trouble.  I found an apartment online while in Seattle so that the first week in Denver would be pretty stress free.  Well, it was mostly stress free.  I couldn’t find the keys to the lock and after getting a pair of bolt cutters that didn’t work and what felt like a broken rib trying, a locksmith cut the lock off.  After getting settled in, I got my good friend/new realtor looking for a new home.  We set out with a couple homes on our list to see.  We didn’t want to do too much but fit in a stop at a new home development near her house.  The model home had so much of what I was looking for and after a day to think about it, I signed on the dotted line.

Since that time, I had a few weeks to decide all the options to go with and lock everything in.  I have visited the site every week since then and it is exciting to see the progress.  As of this posting, the house has its foundation completed and this week they should be framing the house.  I’m hoping they can get it sealed up before too much more snow flies.  At this point, they are predicting that I will be closing very close to the beginning of the year.

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