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Mar 13th


Moving to Denver

Been a while since I have written on my blog.  haven't had much happening so didn't feel like updating up until now.

I recently had an opportunity come up and I felt that I needed to jump at it.  While I have had a lot of enjoyable things happen in my life while I have been living in Seattle, the weather here is very depressing for me and this year has been especially trying.  I have lived most of my life in areas of the country that have plenty of sunshine and I really miss that.  I miss having a decent summer, one that is actually at least 3 months long.  During a conversation with my current boss, he indicated that he would love to have me in Denver and that we could work out a deal to get me there.  I made the decision that this would be a great time to make the move.  There are always changes that happen in large corporations and they are always looking for ways to make more money.  It is the way of capitalism in America.  I'm seeing writing on the wall that it won't be long before they want to pull the Seattle office back to Denver.  This is the ebb and flow that is typical for cable companies that has been going on for years.  They silo up and centralize then they push back out to the regions.  That is what happened in 2002 that sent me to Seattle.  Now they are siloing up again and I'm going to ride that wave back to Denver and maybe even take advantage of that by finding another department to work for after a little while.

So after making that decision, I have been spending most of my time preparing the house to be put on the market.  This is a perfect time to put a house up for sale in Seattle.  Good houses don't last long on the market.  It is absolutely a seller's market so I feel I will do fine.  This is a perfect time to purge the house of all that I really don't need.  As of this writing, I took a 1000 lbs to the dump and given a few boxes to thrift stores.  I started on a remodel of one of my bathrooms and have been working on finishing that.  My sister and I have cleaned out all the bedrooms in an effort to make them seem bigger than they actually are.  We did a spring cleaning on the rest of the house too.  My plan is to put the house on the market near the end of April.  I have seen on the web that May is the best month to try to sell a house and so that is my goal.  After hearing from a number of people that houses don't last more than a couple weeks on the market, I figure after inspections and waiting for the banks to do what they need to do, I will probably be moving in June or at the latest, July.

One of the few of the things I have been interested in lately is volunteering.  I have been helping out with a few Robotics competitions and it has been a lot of fun.  Seeing these bright kids do things that is so inspiring, it just makes me feel good.  I'm working with two age groups, kids that are 8-12 years old and also late teenagers.  The F.I.R.S.T. Robotics program is something that I wish was around when I was a kid.  Sports is great for the athletic and popular kids but the "nerds" really didn't have much when I was young and this truly is a fantastic program for that segment of school.  I have already participated in one weekend's event this year and I have another one coming up. I will definitely be looking for opportunities like this in Denver.  I will also be looking for the rally community in Colorado.  I still want to be involved in that sport and look forward to navigating for someone or just working events.  I will of course be willing to fly back to the northwest to navigate for my longtime driver, Malcolm.  So with the upcoming move, I’m volunteering for a few events in the northwest and hoping to navigate but that is kind of up in the air.

Life moves on and as it turns out, so do I.  Big change but I’m ready for it.


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