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May 21st


Vancouver Island April 2016

Funny how just looking at Google maps can turn up what turns out to be a wonderfully relaxing time.  One night I was looking at Vancouver Island and I wondered if there were any resorts on the island.  One popped up called Black Rock Resort.  I looked at the website and it really looked wonderful.  I searched around for things to do and came up with a partial plan.  The resort had a special that if you stayed for 2 days, they would give you the third night for free as long as you did it before April 30th.  I decided to book April 28th- May 1st.  In looking on how I could get there, it looked like I would either have to get up at a horrible hour just to get back to the ferry dock in time or stay the night in Victoria and have a leisurely morning before getting in line at the dock. I chose the latter.

Thursday morning, I got up early so that I could make it to the ferry by 7:30am.  After a really nice trip on calm seas over to Sidney, I made my way to Butchart Gardens.  I have always heard of the gardens but have never seen them so thought this would be a great relaxing start to my vacation. I spent a couple hours wandering around taking too many photos and then took off for my 5-hour trip to Ucluelet. 

The next day was my spa day.  I signed up for a 3 ½ hour spa treatment starting at 9am.  This was only my second massage and so wasn’t sure what to expect but one thing they said was to take everything off and just wear a robe.  Well ok then.  I then met my masseuse and she was very cute.  I’m in trouble.   She started out with a one-hour oil massage and she found many tense muscles in my back.  Surprised she found them with all the back fat I have.  The next step was a 25-minute soak in a jetted tube where the jets pulse for 10 seconds on a section of your body then move on to the next, over and over again.  Of course the water was filled with essential this-and-that but whatever it was, I was really beginning to feel like rubber.  Next step was a body wrap.  I dis-robbed and got under a towel and she spread sea-salts and essential this-and-that all over then wrapped me up tight in towels.  She started up a bunch of water jets that shot water at me and that went on for 30 min or so.  We then went back to the massage room and she rubbed me down with lotions that had essential this-and-that for another hour.  It finished up with a facial massage with 7 steps of essential this-and-that being spread on my face.  After all that pampering, I rolled off the table and went out to the recliners and enjoyed a rehydrating drink filled with essential this-and-that and stared out to the ocean that was just beyond the windows.  Wow, I was so relaxed.

That afternoon I trekked around a trail that the community built that follows the coast.  I got so many great pictures on this hike including a pair of bald eagles.  The next day I explored more of the trail and then headed up the coast.  Didn’t have enough time to explore it all but it would certainly be worth the trip to come up again and see more.  That night I decided to eat at the hotel’s restaurant.  I ended up eating a striploin steak, potatoes, veggies and a ½ liter of red wine.  I capped it off with a lemon custard dessert that was so good.

The next day I headed for Victoria, stopping along the way for pictures and a bit of hiking around.  I made it near Victoria a little sooner than I thought I would so took off on a road that follows the Strait of Juan de Fuca.  Turns out the road was the one that I took my niece on to the zip line and also a pub that I bought her first legal beer!  I enjoyed a Guinness in her honor and made my way back to Victoria and the hotel.

The next day I leisurely drove on the south and east coast of the island back up to Sidney and the ferry dock.  What a wonderful trip and a beautiful island to visit.

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